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(all dimension is in mm)

  • CNC milling centre FS–2axis–4axis–1000x1000x2000

  • CNC milling centre Bridgeport 1250–3axis–1250x650x610

  • CNC milling centre HSM 5XC–5axis–1200x650x650

  • CNC milling centre Cincinnati–3axis–510x510x510

  • Milling centr is equipped with magnetic clamping

  • Spark erosion Rowella and Fanuc-1400x800x500

  • Hardening furnace

  • Turning machine Holzman K DIG

  • Grinding machine to flat BPH 20 and 400x800

  • Grinding machine to spheric 2UD 750

  • Microsurfacing

  • Injection presser Tederic 80 and 130 ton

  • Milling center on graphite Penta 432

  • Wire cutting machine FANUC Alpha C600

  • Drill for starting holes

  • Spotting lis BV 26 C-injected wax

  • Progam software for machine Heidenhain

  • Program software for construction Cimmatron

  • Program software CAM Work NC

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